The Dream Process

Planning the layout and construction of a timber framed home should be a fun and adventurous time. Here we break the process down into five stages and provide some basic information to help you in your process. Please contact us for more comprehensive planning help, we'd love to sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and discuss your dream home.

Timber Frame Transportation

Every frame that leaves our woodshop has a special place in our hearts. The hours that have been spent pouring over every detail, cutting every mortise, tenon, and end-cap. However, when the frame is loaded up and ships out, we are filled with excitement for a new dream home about to be built.

Site Preparation

On site prep

The excitement is new each time we arrive at a frame raising location. A van full of men, passionate about their trade, a trailer full of tools, and a semi-truck with a beautiful timber frame. Yet the best part is seeing the excitement in a new homeowner's eyes; excitement for a dream - sometimes years in the making - about to come true.

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