The Dream Process

Planning the layout and construction of a timber framed home should be a fun and adventurous time. Here we break the process down into five stages and provide some basic information to help you in your process. Please contact us for more comprehensive planning help, we'd love to sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and discuss your dream home.

Timber Frame manufacturing

Some may call our hands-on manufacturing methods "dated"; we prefer "proven". Each joint fitted, each newel cut, and each peg hole drilled by craftsmen who understand the wood, whose touch can sense any imperfections. Our use of hand tools and pneumatic powered saws allows us to maintain superior quality control while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

Timber Frame preparation

Frame Preparation

Preparing a frame is an intense, yet wonderfully rewarding process. Each timber is hand selected for its own unique purpose within the frame, grain direction, knot location, and timber grade and size are all factors in the decision. Once we are perfectly satisfied with each timber, we begin staining and sealing, ensuring that each timber's beauty will last for generations to come.

Hand Selecting timber

Hand Selection

Every post, brace, strut, girder, hammer post, collar tie, rafter, and ridge beam must be hand selected. Each one is hand selected to ensure that it is the perfect fit for its task. The process of hand selection is learned through years of experience, working with wood and learning how it ages.

Hand chisel timber

Hammer & Chisel

This combination has been shaping wood and stone since the beginning of mankind. High quality chisels are a must for each of our craftsmen. A razor sharp chisel helps us create a beautiful fit for each and every component. It is hard to improve on the quality you receive from an experienced craftsman with this combination in his hands.

Mortise & Tenon

Traditional pinned-tenon joinery has a long history of strength and longevity. Special care is taken for each mortise hollowed out and each tenon formed, a precise fit is key to a solid frame.

Hammer Beam Post Newel

The end-cap is a detail that can be easily overlooked, but adds a beautiful finishing touch. It is a very effective way to add a bit of art to each hammer post. Each of these beautiful end-caps is cut, refined, and finished by hand.

Hickory Pegs

This simple piece of wood is literally what holds it all together. Hickory is known for its tensile strength, this strength is what makes it the best choice to fill such a pivotal role in strength of the entire frame system.

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