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Dear Oakbridge Family, If the remainder of our home were never finished, just enjoying the timber frame standing proudly in the meadow would be nearly enough! Thanks for giving us a worry-free timber raising. Many thanks to the crew and to Naomi for the delicious luncheon. Also appreciate our signed hardhats and being so kind to include our guests with the peg signing. Thank you for your collaboration with Old World Classics and George Winkelmann, the architect. It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with you and your family. Thank you for all your encouragement, knowledge, integrity, patience, communications and professionalism.
Sue & Dennis Kumor
Nancy and I both thought the whole experience of working with Oakbridge Timber Framing was wonderful. We had some friends over on Saturday evening and they went on and on about how great the timber frame looks and then asked for your name. We gave them one of the calendars you had given to us and told them how pleased we were with the whole process. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
Bill & Nancy Cortner
We’re both thrilled that your business is thriving and wish you continued success! We love our home and it’s nice to know you are continuing to make other folk’s dream home a reality! A friend I used to work with just told me he has talked with you about building a home at Apple Valley. Frank and his wife really liked our house, and we told them how nice it was to work with you, so hopefully we’ll have another Oakbridge timber frame to watch go up someday. We’re looking forward to seeing you all next year, and if you are ever this way be sure to give us a call. We are pretty much here all the time, and almost always have chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar.
Bob & Vicky Morris
We want to thank you all for all of the hard work you put into making our dream come true. We were treated like family from beginning to end. The quality of your work is incredible and we would put your team up against anyone else in the country! You made our frame raising day so special and is a day our family will never forget.
Brandon & Jessica Hunter
Thank you for the time you spent with us last week, your rapid attention to our project and the two quotations that you forwarded to us. These were quite valuable in that they helped us to realize that while we strongly desire to utilize timber framing for this project, it is not financially possible. We will instead pursue a standard, less costly technique for the studio. We regret that we won’t be working with you on this project as our respect for Oakbridge gained during our first year visit years was only augmented during our recent visit. Please accept our wishes for your continued success.
Bryon Carnahan
Having our Timber Frame raised was the most exciting and enjoyable experience. If everything else goes well, building our dream home is going to be a breeze.
Chris & Tammy
My experience with your organization has been very rewarding. Keep up the Family Tradition and maintain your high standards of workmanship.
Chuck & Marie Townsend
I am back in AZ and met today with a person who installs vineyards. She believes that I have a good spot to plant 1/2 to 3/4 acre of Barbera grapes. I wanted to write and express my gratitude for your understanding and assistance when I decided to not go ahead with the Michigan project. As I sit here and look around, I do not believe I could have a better location to enjoy a beautiful OakBridge home. In retrospect I believe I was most fortunate that a buyer did not come forth to purchase this property. Hope all is well with your family and that you are doing fine!
Chuck Keeling
Thanks again for arranging our visit to your facility in Loudonville last Friday. We really enjoyed the whole experience, and were very impressed with both what we saw and culture that exists at the Company. Please be sure to thank Johnny and his Dad and sons for a great tour and especially for the signed helmet (very cool and very much appreciated!). You all should be very proud of both the products and the company you have built.
We really enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the Oakbridge team/family last Friday at the “barn raising”. It is obvious why you are the best in the business — incredible skills, attention to detail and commitment to the highest quality. More importantly, we were very impressed with who you are, not just what you do. You and the rest of your team are loving examples of your faith and a joy to be around! Also, please thank all the women who helped provide such a wonderful lunch. We appreciated all their hard work and we are still talking about how delicious everything tasted!
Dan & Janice Bailey
I hope you are well. Monica and I have been blessed with good building weather and even better friends. Progress is coming along quickly. We now have siding and a garage! It is finally starting to look like a home. This note and gift are long over due! I hope that you don’t mind that I violated copyright policies and “borrowed” some pictures from your website. I put together a calendar for your guys to hang around the shop. I’d be happy to print more for them if they would like! I didn’t have many pictures from your other projects but I can incorporate as many as you’d like. I have access to a lot of resources at the college and I enjoy working on things like this. Grove City is a town nearby. In the town there’s one of the last remaining hand forges in the country, Wendell August Forge. I think there work is extremely well done and their craftsmanship is unmatched. This reminded me of your work and the plate is reminiscent of the barn raising you do. There’s a small wooden stand if you choose to display it. Flip the plate over, you’ll enjoy. While at Wendell August I also had them make a brass plate for me. I included a rubbing of the plate. It simply states “OakBridge Timber Framing, 2008 Krantz”. When the home is finished I am going to nail it to a beam in a prominent place. The frame will be around a lot longer than me and I want people to know who did the work. The CD contains many pictures from our raising. If you’d like, I can send another disk when we are finished!
David & Monica
I have worked with a lot of crews. But the OakBridge crew took a lot more pride in their work and their workmanship.
Ed Raper
As of 10.24 we have moved into our beautiful timber frame home! We still have a lot of work to do upstairs ... but were here! It is truly an awesome home - a tribute to your creativity & hard work! We really appreciated also the “stats” you provided re-board feet & poundage..and the raspberry pie was delicious!!
Edwin & Mike Orban
We want to thank all of you for making our experience with our timber frame home such a wonderful one! If we had 50 more homes to build, we would choose you every time! In this world we live in today, it is so rare to find such a commitment to quality and service. We are so glad we found you!
Eric & Colleen Holdman
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I’m still encouraged by the memories of working with all of you. The spirit of God was truly evident in each of your lives, it is not often we are able to be in such a beautiful atmosphere. Thank you for allowing us to learn from you. Johnny and family we thank you for the book. It has been an encouragement and also challenges me in living my daily life. May all of you have wonderful holidays and may God’s blessing continue to be poured on you.
Gail & Betty
We are thankful that you have become a part of our lives through the careful craftsmanship of our frame. It is a reminder of beauty and value around us daily. We look forward to enjoying it for many years and pray for your continued safety and success. We will look for additional info on celebrating your 25 years framing and look forward to seeing you again
Kent & Jo
It was a true pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you and to watch you work. I was very impressed by the fit of the joints in that they were cut off site. Thank you for the opportunity.
Kevin Merkle
Thanks so much for our AWESOME frame! It is causing quite a stir around here. Enclosed are photos that I promised to send when we finished the trim work in our stairwell. We are so happy with the way that it turned out and appreciate the time and craftsmanship that went into the railing. I’m also thankful for your willingness to work with the blacksmith we found and the extra attention you gave to fitting the square inch work so precisely. I know that when you were here you were not 100% happy with the fit of the angled railing to the existing wall. the spacing at the top and bottom between the railing & wall was not exactly the same. Unfortunately I didn’t know all the right words to use when I described what we had in mind to finish the trim work, so I don’t think you left here convinced that it would look fine when it was done. I hope the photos put your mind at rest - it looks stunning, and your fabulous work made our job of trimming it all out very easy. I hope you are pleased with the results. Thanks again, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.
Laura Eloe
Thank you and your crew so much. We love the house already, your craftsmanship is just beautiful.
Lisa & Family
It was a great pleasure to have worked with you! Hope to do more business in the near future.
Lorraine & Tracy
Please pass on to the entire Oakbridge crew how absolutely delighted and pleased we are with the timber raising experience! It could not have been more perfect. We are now awaiting the SIPs delivery, and the fun and excitement continues.
Mark Hall
Just a quick “thank you” for all your great work and professional service during the construction of our home. We especially appreciate the valley post you and OakBridge designed for our home. We have received many compliments.
Mike and Krys
We really wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you all did on our front and back timber framing! It truly is beautiful and was done so quickly and professionally.
Nancy & Bill Cortner
Hope you had a good trip home. Frances and I are still coming down from one of the most enjoyable, memorable events of our lives. The frame you made for us is absolutely magnificent and stands as a spectacular tribute to the timeless craft of timber framing. The handiwork craftsmanship of the OakBridge family team is truly awe-inspiring and achieves perfection seemingly beyond the realms of the human hand. I have fabulous photos (about 500-600) of the event which I’ll put on CD eventually and send to you. There are some wonderful ones of you. Johnny and James climbing over rafters shinning up rafters, sitting astride rafters and sliding down rafters to fit the purlins! And of purist of grandpas towering strength and energy as he fervently sawed his way through the 5x7 at the end. James reaching for the top of the trees swinging on while the crane hoist was another magical moment captured on camera! Using a 33 ton crane to swing my camera over to you Johny while fitting the ridge beam, Dennis sleeping soundly through lunch; Henry hiding behind his raised, open newspaper and napping serenely on the timbers after lunch; the “moreish” desire for Fran’s pineapple upside down cake -Oh, what tremendous fun! The community spirit we shared together during evening meals was just so very special for us. Fran and I together with our visitors, came the head of Upper School, Dave the math teacher and all others were overwhelmed by the impromptu harmonious singing of the old traditional hymns and the humorous improvised version of the mule song, together with Joni’s piano playing. Memories all of the interactions shared with Hannah, Naomi, Leah, Andrew, Joni, James, Neal, Aaron, Marcus and you will forever be in our minds. Many thanks for the special 25 years celebrating glasses and mugs- we shall use them in our new home and while sipping our hot and cold drinks we will recall the great memories of the past week as we relate stories to our friends and family. Something that will definitely take pride of place in our new timber frame home will be the wonderful photo you presented us with of three generations of OakBridge timber framers making the collar ties of our new frame! This photo already has a nostalgia quality about it! We love Jame’s initials, being carved into the hammer beam of the loft space and for future generations there will always be a little bit of mystery as the whether it was Johnny Miller the father or James Miller the son who carved the JM 2011 Never hesitate to use us as a reference for potential clients; we shall certainly be spreading the word about OakBridge at every opportunity. May all of you always be blessed with good health, happiness, longevity and fulfillment in your lives (many more people need to be touched by your ways). Rest assured I shall be seeking guidance and counsel from my imaginary Johnny sitting at my side during those stressful, challenging moments at work! April 5 was a very special day for us! Frances and I returned from a day trip at Old Salem to find a long, brown box tucked in the driveway gate of our new home. The box containing 50 white oak seedlings is very special for us in so many ways. The trees will be an enduring symbol on our property of friendship with you and your extended families in Ohio; trees are something very dear to Frances and I since we both studied botany at university; the long brown box literally the first piece of mail we have received at 148 Otter Run! The trees will help replace those used to build our house, and help to fill in gaps along the boundary because of the adjacent lot being clear. All 50 trees were enthusiastically planted and watered on April 6 and we shall continue to nurse them for all of our days. We selected 2 of the 50 trees as special trees -the Miller Oaks- and planted them in prominent positions in the yard. Many thanks and may the good Lord continue to bless you all.
Phil & Frances Brindle
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Now that the dust has finally settled and we are firmly ensconced in our new timber frame home. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the quality of product and spirit of cooperation that we enjoyed while working with you. We are truly pleased with the end result. Generally expectations greatly exceed reality, but in this case, it was just reverse. Not only is your timber framing certainly a major focal point in our house, but also the cabinetry and interior finish woodwork by others that you recommended to us enhances and compliments your woodwork. The finished product is truly magnificent, as attested to by the many superlatives we receive from friends and neighbors. If any of your potential customers want to talk to a satisfied customer, please ask them to call us!
R.T. Thompson
Thank you for taking the time to show Ed & I around last Friday. It is always nice to meet people who enjoy what they are doing and who constantly strive to do what they do better. Keep up the great work!
Ralph & Ed
I wanted to commend OakBridge Timber framing for doing an excellent job with my recent construction project. I’ve been involved in various corresponding industries selling EPS to the various panel manufacturers as well as a past member of SIPA. This was my first total construction project building a timber frame home. The overall effort of your company was very professional from the very start. I came to you with a concept and some sketches and you were able to design a frame which fit into my budget without sacrificing the look or quality I was expecting. The ability to take the frame design to the final drawing stage of the complete house package with architectural prints makes it very convenient and efficient for the home builder. The quality and craftsmanship of the timber frame is very impressive. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to build this type of construction. Please feel free to have future customers contact me for a reference.
Randy Goodson
What a marvelous happening the house raising was! It was definitely an unforgettable experience for all of us who were lucky enough to be here for the occasion. Please be sure that every one of the men who were here sees this and knows how ecstatic we are. In addition, I feel as if I have a whole group of new and very dear friends. Each one of you has become a very special person to me, and I look forward to that time when I see you again, both here and there.
Thank you for a beautiful afternoon Saturday. Dawnel and I both commented on what an informative and wonderful time we had all around. It was a perfect day for a drive, and the home tour gave us great ideas, and the shop tour you gave us a lot of useful information (and a perfect meal!). Dawnel was already impressed with your product, and after getting to know you and why you operate your business, she was even more impressed! When you mentioned that every family that works with you is considered more than just a customer I wanted to shout “Amen!” You really have a natural way of making everyone you meet feel very special---their dream for their new home becomes a passion for you too. Your family also made everyone feel special as well in preparing and serving such a memorable meal. Even your children took joy in serving others. Our prayers to you and your family for continued success.
Sue Amstutz
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We appreciate everything you’ve done to help us bring our dream house (timber frame) to fruition! We’ll treasure this work of art for a lifetime!
The Carbettas
Thanks for all your nice work on our timber frame House. Everyone compliments us on how nice the workmanship is - what a beautiful job you did on it. We would highly recommend the quality of your work and hope you might get a chance to see it when it’s all finished - if not well send pictures. Thanks again to everyone!
The Cuddys
Nancie and I are extremely pleased with the work that you and your crew did on our timber frame house. We enjoyed visiting Ohio, watching the timbers being cut and being invited for lunch. It was a pleasure to have everyone in Kansas City for the raising and to see quality construction put together by caring quality people. We continue to get people dropping by to see the house. I have had about 4 people that now want to do the same type project in locations from North Carolina to Colorado. I’m sure you’ve gotten several calls yourselves. Nancie and I felt we were honored to have had OakBridge Timber Framing people construct our home. It is like a fine piece of hand crafted furniture which is our entire house.
The Kivetts
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We just wanted to thank everyone who helped on our new construction timber frame house in Elmore, Ohio. Words cannot express how much we appreciate each and every single person’s job that they had to do... from the office work to construction work. What a great company you run! When we had another couple in the area interested in timber framing, we passed along your name as the only timber framing company anyone would want to deal with. We hope to keep in touch with all of you and even visit when we are in the area. Tell everyone how much we appreciate getting to know you all and the great work you do! If you are ever in the area, feel free to look us up and visit. We love our new house and can’t wait to move in...sometime in the near future. We are sending along some pictures that were taken during construction. If you would like more copies, feel free to ask, we can always make more. Congratulations on your new addition. So wonderful to hear you have a new little son! Please accept this gift for little Johnny and the other goodies for your 7 wonderful children; We had the honor of meeting 3 of your sons and you have remarkable children to say the least. You should be very proud of all of them!! We would really like the opportunity to meet everyone else we have not met. Next time we are in the area, we would like to visit. Keep in touch!
The Sandrocks
Merry Christmas to you and your family. After 16 years we are still happy to have people view our home for the first time. We had a little open house Sunday and the home is all decorated for the holidays and is very beautiful. We showed your calendar to some guests and I have to tell you that your houses just keep getting more and more beautiful. I especially like the one with the hearth oven in the kitchen. I was supposed to have that in mine but plans were changed at the time. I did build one out behind the kitchen last year and we use it all the time to bake bread, meats, and pizzas.
Tim & Marsha Davis
Our new home is off to a beautiful start thanks to all of your hard work. The frame is a work of art and I will admire it for years to come. Please come back when the house is finished.
Valerie A.

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