timber framed home in the woods

The Amstutz Timber Frame Project

Project Overview

Square Footage: 4,000
| Location: Northeast, Ohio
| Year Built: 2002

The Amstutz home is nestled in the middle of a forest, and is the essence of country charm. Every room is filled with antiques and family heirlooms, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for every family occasion.

Timber Frame testimonial video

Thank you for a beautiful afternoon Saturday. Dawnel and I both commented on what an informative and wonderful time we had all around. It was a perfect day for a drive, and the home tour gave us great ideas, and the shop tour you gave us a lot of useful information (and a perfect meal!). Dawnel was already impressed with your product, and after getting to know you and why you operate your business, she was even more impressed! When you mentioned that every family that works with you is considered more than just a customer I wanted to shout “Amen!” You really have a natural way of making everyone you meet feel very special---their dream for their new home becomes a passion for you too. Your family also made everyone feel special as well in preparing and serving such a memorable meal. Even your children took joy in serving others. Our prayers to you and your family for continued success.

- Sue Amstutz

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