Who's Who in Hardwood Purchasing

JOHNNY MILLER is owner and CEO of OAKBRIDGE TIMBER FRAMING LTD. located in Howard, Ohio. OakBridge Timber Framing Ltd. manufactures pre-cut timber frame residential homes and commercial buildings. The company purchases approximately 100,000 board feet annually of Red and White Oak, Douglas fir and pine. The firm specializes in pre-cutting and installing timber frames.

Growing up as an Amish youth, Miller began in the forest products industry erecting barns and buildings. He also gained working experience in a sawmill. Miller has owned the company for 22 years and has been a part of OakBridge Timber Framing Ltd. for 24 years total. He enjoys new foresting, reforesting, hiking and camping in the outdoors.

OakBridge Timber Framing Ltd. is a member of the Timber Framers Guild, Timber Frame Business Council and the Building Industry Assoc. of North Central Ohio.

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