North Carolina Mountainside Retreat

North Carolina Mountainside Retreat

This spectacular mountainside retreat was built by OakBridge Timber Framing, nestled on an 8-acre property near Sapphire, North Carolina. This unique dwelling graces a hillside, designed so that every room overlooks a majestic naturally occurring waterfall.

The property features incredible views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, acres of forestland, and twin 70-foot waterfalls that descend over a rock wall. For the design, the owner requested modern, clean lines with timber framing. From the exterior, three gabled forms help to break down the scale of the structure while defining distinct living spaces.

This dwelling encompasses 5,000 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The timber frame was pre-cut at the builder's workshop and then shipped to the home site for hand assembly.

"The structural Douglas fir timber frame features coastal, slow-growth, kiln-dried wood with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery. The timbers range in sizes from 8-by-8 posts and 8-by–10 bent girts and rafters, to 4-by-10 diagonal braces and 5-by-7 purlins." — OakBridge Timber Framing

One of the challenges presented in this design was that there was no flat land on the property. The floor plan was devised for the steep, sloped site. The main level decks are roughly 40 feet off the ground, which necessitated some extra safety measures in the engineering.

What We Love: This secluded getaway provides a relaxing respite with views of twin waterfalls from pretty much every room in the home. It gives an incredible sense of peace and a connection with nature. The minimal decor helps to not detract from the waterfall views while keeping this retreat clutter-free and low-maintenance. We are loving the overall design concept and the tranquility of a natural waterfall right next to the home.

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