A Rich History

Timber frame structure

Warmth and wonder. It's seldom these two, words are used together to describe a building, but it's the recurring sentiment evoked by a timber frame home. Modern timber frames embody the ideal of craftsmanship and attention to detail, paired with materials hand-selected to suit the structure and reflect the setting, The men and women of timber framing today follow a rich tradition of knowledge earned through years of training, apprenticeship and hands-on experience.

The tradition of timber framing claims roots around the world, from Asia to Europe, and utilizes techniques dating back to Neolithic times. However, timber framing has historically been most popular in regions where deciduous hardwoods like oak, thrive.

Timber framing emigrated from the Old World to the New, continuing the traditions and styles of European structures. After 1750, structures built in the United States tended to be more "American" in response to the local climate and agricultural practices.

In the mid-1800s, the demand for cheap housing that went up fast pushed the construction industry in a new direction, bringing dimensional lumber to the forefront, where it persists today. However, timber framing in the United States and Canada experienced a revival in the 1970s. People who value strength, beauty and energy efficiency found timber framing well suited to the era's proclivity toward a more "natural" and environmentally conscious way of life.

In 1987, the Timber Framers Guild was founded, with the express purpose of retaining and celebrating the traditional craft of timber framing. Guild members are devoted to the craft and share it with the rest of the world through community building projects that not only serve as hands-on education for members, but as a lasting public legacy for communities to enjoy.

Today, hundreds of craftspeople are keeping the timber art alive. From small artisans who craft one to two frames per year to major timber home producers, creating scores of homes annually, there's a wide range of options for prospective buyers. In the end. homeowners are the ones who truly benefit from this meticulous preservation of tradition. because they not only get to live in a house they love, they get to live in a true piece of art and History.

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