30 Years of OakBridge

Timber Frame Building

This year, OakBridge Timber Framing is celebrating their 30th anniversary. The company has built more than 320 homes in 24 states, 2.2 million bd.ft. of timber has passed through the shop, and through their tree replenishment program, they plant about 750 trees annually.

OakBridge's Johnny Miller says, "I join my relatives in the work now: my father, children, brothers, and cousins. There is much wisdom in craft that emerges by working together. To know that the structures we build with our own hands are the places people call home, where they raise their families and visit with loved ones, gives me an incredible sense of community, not just in our family and the Amish community, but with all the people whose lives we've touched through our craft.

"We started out with three people: Levi Hochstetler (a friend I went to school with), my father Andy, and me. Right from the beginning, the vision was 'how can we improve on what we are doing?'"

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