Our Values

The Oakbridge culture and practices are formed around four core elements, Faith, Family, Community, and Sustainability. We believe each of these elements helps us to live our lives and serve our customers at a higher level.

Contractors setting up timber frame house


Waterfalls and rocks

Tradition lies not only in our time proven craftsmanship, but also in the way we live out our Christian faith. Servanthood to our fellow man is a core principle that we are resolved to maintain and follow. Love for others is born from the love our Creator has shown to us. We see His touch in every detail of nature.


Every piece of timber must be in place for a timber frame to be at its strongest. Likewise each member of the family has been placed there for their own unique role. The integrity of the family structure is an essential component in our beliefs. Three generations of craftsmen working together on each frame — serves as a testament to the value that we place on family.


A community can be a beautiful, larger family; one that is there to provide support and share good cheer with its members. We have been blessed with a wonderful church community, local community — and, of course an Oakbridge community. The Oakbridge community is made up of Timber Framed home owners and those that are planning. Through community events and interactions, you are sure to find plenty of helpful advice, and so much more.



At Oakbridge, our commitment to conservation is complete and without apology. We believe in living a sustainable lifestyle; this requires commitments to the same in our work. We approach every process from an ecologically responsible point of view, we also have a tree replenishment program that takes place every spring.

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