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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of our customer's most asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below please feel free to contact us below.

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Our timber framed homes are built using sustainable products and techniques. Sustainability has been important to us since the start of OakBridge Timber Framing, it’s built into the DNA of our projects. We have always taken pride in building a homes that are energy efficient and have an exceptionally low cost of ownership. Studies have shown that less lumber is used in most timber framed homes compared to a conventionally built structures.

We are a family company, not so big that customers become just another number in our system, but not so small that our capabilities are diminished. Our focus on relationships is a core part of who we are, most customers become life-long friends. We are also continually looking for ways to improve our product and processes. Three generations of craftsmen share our experiences and specialized techniques to create tighter joints and a more beautiful product. Our way of doing draw bore is just one example of this in action. The beauty of a family company is that each generation has the opportunity to pass along their knowledge to the next generation.

Oakbridge has been in business since 1986

The Amish culture greatly values community, hard work and building things that last. Working together as a family allows us to pass down our love and expertise of making timber frame homes to younger generations. Our company is made up of three generations of our family. Andy; 80, comes to work every day, mentoring his sons and grandchildren. It is a wonderful thing when younger generations can be mentored by senior generations. Our Mission Statement is "To build dreams that bring families together and enrich lives."

Crafting and erecting a timber framed home is an interesting and involved process. A lot of care and expertise goes into selecting the pieces of wood for each project. Pieces of wood are selected for each individual section of the frame and are then hand cut and crafted to fit perfectly together. After all the wood is cut it’s time to ship everything to the project site. We schedule dependable transport and package everything so that it arrives safe and sound to it’s final destination. After site prep we begin the process of assembly, using cranes we quickly and expertly build your timber frame home. Last but not least we have each customer sign the pins we use to assemble the frame, making them a permanent part of the project.

We have a number of different species of wood that you are able to choose from, each one having different advantages and looks. The wood we recommend the most are Douglas Fir and White Oak. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions about the wood we use.

We have built homes in 24 states. We are able to build anywhere in the world but we market primarily in the US and Canada.

Our drawings are engineered and stamped.

Our design team does a site visit to maximize your site’s potential and to make the process as smooth as possible. The site visit as well as your budget and wishlist are what will drive the direction of your design. A site visit goes a long way to ensuring that the final project is superior in build and something you, the customer, can be proud of.

The cost of a timber frame can vary based on the complexity of the design and the ornateness of each piece of wood. The style of your house can also influence the final cost. Ranch style houses tend to be more costly than the story and a half style houses. By building a story and a half house you can gain square footage without dramatically increasing the final project cost.

In an OakBridge estimate, you will see things clearly spelled out. For instance, a timber frame erected cost has the crane and everything included. The final cost, stays the final cost. Options are a line item that can be selected.

Our timber framed homes are insulated with SIPS [Structural Insulated Panel Systems]. They are pre-manufactured and are attached to the outside of your timber frame. SIPS reduce your energy costs considerably. In our ever increasing awareness of the importance of using green and sustainable products we use techniques that put sustainability first.

We use SIPS on our frames. Because SIPS are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured we are able to save on labor costs and pass those savings on to the customer. They also provide greater air filtration and heat convection as other benefits. All our SIPS manufacturers are members of SIPA.

Yes, we are an active member of the Business Council.

Yes we are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

We love going the extra mile for our customers. Our employees to pride in doing the little things, and doing them cheerfully for our clients. Whether we are designing, crafting or simply sweeping the floors we do them with a purpose and with the goal of serving our clients in mind. Expect great customer service from us!

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