Who We Are

  • Beauty

    A Timber Framed home enables you to see the framing from the inside rather than covering it with drywall or any other type of material. The exposed wood frame connects you with the beauty of nature. The precision of Old World Craftsmanship is revealed by the exposed, hand cut joints, a work of art that surrounds you every day.

  • Legacy

    Leaving a lasting legacy is a desire seated deep in the heart of many. We believe that a legacy of Godly values and personal responsibility are the most important — yet there is more that can be a part of that legacy. The rancher that leaves a sprawling cattle ranch, a furniture hobbyist passing on a hand-build china cabinet, or perhaps the one who leaves both of those — along with a beautifully timeless, timber framed home. Whatever your legacy is — leave a good one.

  • Durability

    Traditional Timber Framing, a time-tested, proven method of construction. Houses and barns across America have stood gracefully for well over two centuries, testaments to their strength. Each part of the frame serves a key role, working together to create a structure that can be handed down to future generations. A frame also serves as a beautiful example of how a family should function, each member in their role, completing the strong family structure.

  • Unique Space

    Timber Frames feature spacious interiors; perfect for those who enjoy hosting family, friends, or simply enjoy the peace and quite. The open vaulted areas make it a unique space to escape the daily grind, while intimate lofts provide the perfect getaway. The combinations within a timber framed home are many, and only limited by imagination. So go on — imagine.

  • A Place of Refuge

    It’s been said your home is your castle; we don’t take this in a literal sense, however the secure feeling of being in a home that is truly yours is something we take seriously. Every detail is created to bring comfort, functionality, and security that is unique — like you. We believe when you cross the threshold you will enter an atmosphere that revolves around the needs of you and your family. One of our clients states “you come home to a vacation every day”.

  • Energy Efficiency

    A Timber Framed home, when built with Structural Insulated Panels is very energy efficient and has a low cost of ownership when compared to other types of construction. The improved efficiency combined with lower maintenance costs creates peace of mind and long term savings.

  • Sustainable

    After harvesting, a forest needs 40-60 years to once again reach full harvesting maturity. A Timber Frame home uses less wood than a traditional stick built structures in addition to lasting longer. This means that A Timber Framed home is a truly sustainable structure.