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The Softwood Forest Products Buyer
OakBridge Timber Framing – Building Homes That Reflect Values
Thu, 04/04/2013

Howard, Ohio – OakBridge Timber Framing Ltd., based here, pre-cuts and installs timber frame homes. Established in 1986 by Johnny Miller and Levi Hochstetler, the company is comprised of three generations of an Amish family.

Handcrafted OakBridge Timber Frame Addition Revitalizes 150 Year Old Cabin
Tue, 06/19/2012

A 150-year-old cabin resting by a placid lake near Danville, Ohio has been updated with a beautifully handcrafted timber-framed addition. The Jenkins Home stays true to the original character of the log cabin, and the homestead's traditional Amish timber-framed construction maintains a strong connection to its roots. All of the wooden beams were carefully cut by hands and joined without steel connectors by OakBridge Timber Framing.

Timber Homes Illustrated
Home Sweet Home
Tue, 08/01/2000

With a hectic lifestyle in Columbus, Ohio, Judy and Craig Jenkins dreamed of having a place in the country where they could go to get away from it all. When they set out to look for land for their rural retreat, they had no idea what type of home they would build once they found it. After discovering 130 acres in rural Knox County, they found the answer in the form of an 1850s log cabin that was sitting on the property.