Past Projects

Hope you had a good trip home. Frances and I are still coming down from one of the most enjoyable, memorable events of our lives. The frame you made for us is absolutely magnificent and stands as a spectacular tribute to the timeless craft of timber framing. The handiwork craftsmanship of the OakBridge family team is truly awe-inspiring and achieves perfection seemingly beyond the realms of the human hand. I have fabulous photos (about 500-600) of the event which I’ll put on CD eventually and send to you. There are some wonderful ones of you. Johnny and James climbing over rafters shinning up rafters, sitting astride rafters and sliding down rafters to fit the purlins! And of purist of grandpas towering strength and energy as he fervently sawed his way through the 5x7 at the end. James reaching for the top of the trees swinging on while the crane hoist was another magical moment captured on camera! Using a 33 ton crane to swing my camera over to you Johny while fitting the ridge beam, Dennis sleeping soundly through lunch; Henry hiding behind his raised, open newspaper and napping serenely on the timbers after lunch; the “moreish” desire for Fran’s pineapple upside down cake -Oh, what tremendous fun! The community spirit we shared together during evening meals was just so very special for us. Fran and I together with our visitors, came the head of Upper School, Dave the math teacher and all others were overwhelmed by the impromptu harmonious singing of the old traditional hymns and the humorous improvised version of the mule song, together with Joni’s piano playing. Memories all of the interactions shared with Hannah, Naomi, Leah, Andrew, Joni, James, Neal, Aaron, Marcus and you will forever be in our minds. Many thanks for the special 25 years celebrating glasses and mugs- we shall use them in our new home and while sipping our hot and cold drinks we will recall the great memories of the past week as we relate stories to our friends and family. Something that will definitely take pride of place in our new timber frame home will be the wonderful photo you presented us with of three generations of OakBridge timber framers making the collar ties of our new frame! This photo already has a nostalgia quality about it! We love Jame’s initials, being carved into the hammer beam of the loft space and for future generations there will always be a little bit of mystery as the whether it was Johnny Miller the father or James Miller the son who carved the JM 2011 Never hesitate to use us as a reference for potential clients; we shall certainly be spreading the word about OakBridge at every opportunity. May all of you always be blessed with good health, happiness, longevity and fulfillment in your lives (many more people need to be touched by your ways). Rest assured I shall be seeking guidance and counsel from my imaginary Johnny sitting at my side during those stressful, challenging moments at work! April 5 was a very special day for us! Frances and I returned from a day trip at Old Salem to find a long, brown box tucked in the driveway gate of our new home. The box containing 50 white oak seedlings is very special for us in so many ways. The trees will be an enduring symbol on our property of friendship with you and your extended families in Ohio; trees are something very dear to framers and I since we both studied botany at university; the long brown box literally the first piece of mail we have received at 148 Otter Run! The trees will help replace those used to build our house, and help to fill in gaps along the boundary because of the adjacent lot being clear. All 50 trees were enthusiastically planted and watered on April 6 and we shall continue to nurse them for all of our days. We selected 2 of the 50 trees as special trees -the Miller Oaks- and planted them in prominent positions in the yard. Many thanks and may the good Lord continue to bless you all.
Phil & Frances Brindle
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